Tommy's Thursday Thoughts - Volume 1


This is the debut of a new blogging series: Tommy’s Thursday Thoughts. In an effort to blog more this year, each Thursday I’ll be sharing thoughts and observations that have crossed my mind. 

-I don’t like when someone tells me my shoe is untied. Typically, I know that it’s untied and made the conscious decision to leave it untied. (I am bad at shoe tying). When someone says “Hey, your shoe is untied”, it makes me feel pressured to tie it in front of them even though I don’t want to.

-When the waiter takes your empty plate and says, “How was it?”, it’s funny to respond “Oh awful! Can’t you tell?!” and laugh. Because it’s clear that you actually enjoyed the meal.

-Waiters are a lot like referees. As long as you’re not talking about their performance, that means they’re probably doing a pretty good job.

-Sometimes when I’m walking around the city, whether on the street or in Penn Station/Grand Central, I like to think of places where I’d sleep if I was a homeless person.

-Hot towel shaves seem really relaxing. I can’t grow enough facial hair where it’d be worth getting one. So I just watch videos of other people getting them on YouTube.

-I’ve said this before, but if given the choice at a hotel, I always prefer two queens beds to one king bed if I’m staying by myself. I like to have one bed to lay down in during the day in my street clothes, and then one bed for sleeping. Don’t want to get the bed I’ll be sleeping in dirty. Also, what’s really the point of a king bed if you’re alone? Seems like too much space. Feel like I could roll over and suffocate in the middle of it.

-I love the way hotel rugs feel on my bare feet. But it’s kind of gross since the rugs are probably real dirty.

-Why is popcorn the default snack for movie theaters? I could probably find it out if I looked it up. But I don’t want to.

-Sometimes I think it’s more fun to not know things than to learn them. When I was younger, I refused to learn how you pronounce the word “Shoppe.” Thought maybe it was pronounced  French – like “Shop-ay.” Turns out it’s just a fancy way to spell “shop.”

-At what point did it become unacceptable to wish people a happy new year? January 10th definitely seems too late. January 3rd seems like it would’ve been acceptable though. I wonder where the cutoff point was.

-When I heard Pete Davidson left the Golden Globes party with Kate Beckinsale, my first reaction was shock. Then it was happiness for both me and him. Ever since Pete portrayed me on SNL, I feel like we’re now kindred spirits. If he hooked up with Kate Beckinsale, I basically hooked up with Kate Beckinsale. Huge win for me.

-“The devil’s lettuce” is my preferred way to reference marijuana.

-I wish I had a foot fetish. I don’t find feet attractive at all, just wish I did. There’s a whole world out there for foot fetish people. I’d love to be a part of it.

-When I have my headphones in around other people (on train, at work, on plane, etc.), I always take them off as I sneeze. I don’t want to not hear someone say “God Bless You.” I don’t necessarily expect a “God Bless You”, but if someone says it I don’t want to be rude and ignore them if I don’t hear it.

Thank you for your time.