Two Guys Have The Chance To Turn $0 Into $5.1 MILLION At The Final Table Today (And A Stoolie As Well!)

PokerNews - The biggest $25,000 tournament in poker history is down to just eight players, and two Platinum Pass winners have advanced through the field of 1,039 to reach the final of the PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship.

Marc Rivera and Ramon Colillas have about $300,000 in live cashes — nearly all by Rivera — yet they’ll be playing for $5.1 million up top when play resumes on Thursday. That scenario is exactly what PokerStars envisioned when they rolled out this one-of-a-kind promotion.

Rivera is in a particularly good position as he is nearly tied for the chip lead with 10,350,000 to Scott Baumstein’s 10,725,000.

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This is nuts. As I wrote about a couple days ago, PokerStars is running the biggest, richest $25k tournament of all time, thanks to the fact they gave away over 300 seats for it. They also added $1 million to first place, just for kicks. Just for the hell of it. Every player who took a seat in the tournament said it was the most fun they’ve had playing a tournament in a long time, and could not say enough good things about it. I guess the combo of millions of free dollars and the fact it is being held in the Bahamas in the middle of winter make for a great time.

So over the last 4 days, the field of 1,039 has been dwindled down to the final 8 who will play down to a winner today. Among the final 8, two players were given a free entry into the tournament. Which means they have the chance to turn $0 into $509,000 minimum….and if they win, they can take home $5.1 MILLION.

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Yeah….pretty awesome. Those pay jumps are so massive though, no telling if they will work out a deal. The stacks are relatively close, save for the shorty, so wouldn’t shock me if they bide their time and hope he falls early.

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Hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay jumps mixed with a few relatively inexperienced players will make for a helllll of a final table.

We’re rooting for chip leader Scott Baumstein, who from my blog research, turns out to be a stoolie, so that’s pretty cool. Love when the stoolies crush. Helps if you’re Jewish and your name is Scott, I guess. First Blumstein won the Main Event and now Baumstein has a chance to take this down. Good luck bruh!