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This Is Beer Pong Trick Shot Is Extremely Impressive

Beer pong trick shots are mostly lame. I’m sorry but they are. That’s coming from a guy who was obsessed with beer pong once upon a time. I feel like everybody goes through a heavy beer pong stage usually starting late high school/early college and then goes until around 23 years old. After that your passion starts to fade because real life punches you square in the face with responsibilities. You’ll participate in a random beer pong game at a tailgate once in a while but that’s about it. But during that heavy beer pong stage, beer pong games are as serious as a heart attack. You have your house rules that inevitably leads to a screaming match with people across the table who play differently. You have your best playing partner who is the Scottie to your MJ. It’s a time in my life that I look back on positively. But eventually the game loses it’s importance and you move on.

With all that said, that trick shot was impressive as fuck. One of the more impressive beer pong trick shots I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them. During my heavy beer pong stage I would watch beer pong trick shot videos and never have sex. So I know what’s impressive. That dude bounced a ping pong ball then threw a dart with a solo cup attached to it, the dart landed in the correct spot and the ball landed in the cup. How many attempts did that take? 500? A million? A billion? The dark underbelly of beer pong trick shots is that most of them take 5 hours to accomplish. But hey, still impressive.