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Manny Machado Needs To Make A Decision Before Whitesoxdave Loses All Of His Damn Marbles


I’ll tell you this…being in the source game does not sound fun. This whole saga is truly starting to drive Whitesoxdave mad. I sit next to him, and every time I take a deep sigh to look around the room I see Dave in a group chat with 12 other White Sox insiders hammering away like they need to find a spot to bury a dead body. Then there’s the DM’s he gets from random people, and reads out loud to the Barstool Chicago class that usually go something like this “Hey Dave…my cousin is friends with the food cart guy at the United Center, and he said Hahn was in a suite at the Hawks game on Monday where as he ordered his Tiramasu he slipped up and said we need to make sure we have Creme Brûlée for when Manny comes back in town tomorrow. It could be nothing, but it sounds like Manny’s going to sign tomorrow.”

I mean I can’t even blurt out the word “Man” anymore without Dave ripping off his headphones and screaming “What’d he do?!” It just seems like an exhausting life that I give credit to him for being apart of, and I haven’t even got to the part where it’s his job to defend the White Sox honor against people like Barstool Hubbs. Needless to say though, I hope Manny makes a decision very soon so it can put my friend Whitesodave at ease, and he no longer has to look around the room wide eyed 24/7 like a pitbull who constantly hears the mailman.