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Best of the Best GTA - Week 1

New feature I’m instituting here at Barstool today. There’s nothing Stoolies love more than ranking the GTAs. Every day they check the whole network during their lunch hour and compare which site had the best ass. Well now we’re gonna make it official. Barstool Boston just crushed the competition this week with Candice Swanepoel. Up until yesterday, Big Cat and Barstool Chicago were the early leader all week after this chick on Monday:

She would have been a worthy champ. But shes some no name broad from youtube and Candice is pretty much the queen of Barstool at this point so she gets the crown week 1. So starting next week on Friday we’ll take the best ass from Monday-Thursday around the Boston-New York-Chicago-Philly network and we’ll put her up against this Candice ass. Vote on our ultra technological 10 stars system and either we have a new champ or Candice continues on as Best of the Best GTA. If a new ass wins, the site who originally blogged it hosts the Best of the Best on Friday. More or less this is just yet another way to objectify and analyze women as pieces of ass. Viva La Stool!