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Ray Liotta Deserves To Perform At The Super Bowl Halftime Show


There were plenty of breakout stars in the NFL this year. Patrick Mahomes, Saquon Barkley, George Kittle, Tom Brady. All of these guys really made a name for themselves this year in the NFL. But has anybody in the league had a bigger year that Ray Liotta has?

The answer, quite simply, is no. I can guarantee that you haven’t watched a single NFL game this season without hearing Ray Liotta’s name (unless you’re strictly watching Red Zone, but he still probably snuck in for a second here and there). Think about how hard that is to do. Even the greatest players in the world have at least one game throughout a 17-week season where they don’t have their best performance. But here’s Ray fuggin’ Liotta, week in and week out putting on a goddamn clinic out there. Not a single commercial break goes by where this guy isn’t making some game changing plays out there. He makes an impact on every game. And that type of pure dominance deserves to be rewarded somehow.

Now obviously the Super Bowl is like the Pro Bowl for commercials. But I honestly think that Ray Liotta has done enough to deserve more than just any ordinary Super Bowl commercial. I believe that with how much this man dominated the NFL season, he deserves to star in the first ever live commercial during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I’m a big fan of rewarding and celebrating greatness. Well, folks, Ray Liotta in these Chantix commercials is the epitome of greatness. And tell me this–who will put more asses in the seats? Maroon 5? Or Jack Blade from Wild Hogs?


I know that a lot of people will say that Ray Liotta is better known for Goodfellas or Something Wild, but Wild Hogs is hands down the best Ray Liotta movie out there. Sorry for having the correct take.