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The Worst Possible Way To Lose A Game Is A Charge Call At The Buzzer

I don’t care what you say about buzzer-beaters or a miracle like Marquette. Give me a loss like that over a goddamn charge call. I mean first off, I hate that we’re rewarding dudes for grabbing their nuts and falling over more and more. It’s becoming a play similar to wide receivers trying to draw pass interference literally every play. Then you throw in the fact that you’re waiting for a ref to make a call, which odds are 50% at best that it’s going to be right. But, we’re talking college refs so it’s probably more 40% even if that’s mathematically impossible.

Now, let’s throw in the fact that Houston was undefeated here. Oh, they also had a few technicals that gave Temple some free points. This game was a must-win one for Temple to have any shot at an at-large. I talked about it earlier but the AAC simply doesn’t have that many quality win opportunities so you have to win the ones at home.

I do love the Houston reaction here, but I’d go even more apeshit if I’m Sampson or a player. I’m getting in the face of a ref. I’m getting another technical, because who cares? You’re not getting suspended. Just the worst way to lose.