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Chinese "Artist" Fake Crucifies Himself, Dangles Rotisserie Chickens From His Arms, And Has Woman Give Him Hickeys All Over His Body

Huff Po – In an unusual exhibition of art last month, Chinese performance artist Kang Yi stood, nearly naked, on a raised podium in an auditorium in Guangzhou. With his arms outstretched and tied to a wooden plank across his shoulders, Kang remained completely still as a woman doled out hundreds of hickeys on his chest, abdomen and arms. The woman, a female art student, continued to bite and bruise Kang with her lips for an hour and a half before dousing him with basins of water at the end of the performance, according to news website and online forum Iyaxin.com. In the work, Kang, who is known for his controversial performance art, aimed to inspire others to choose a traditional path of love. “It’s a critique of the concept of chaotic love,” Kang told reporters after the performance, Shanghaiist reports. “I hope that my art piece will call out to today’s youth to seek out the excellent genuine love and feelings of traditional China.” Wearing white bikini-like underwear, Kang was almost completely nude on stage, providing ample room for the hundreds of hickeys. He also donned tree roots in his hair to signify time and tied three roasted chickens to the plank across his shoulders that positioned his body into a cross-like shape.

I’m pretty sure I saw this video on YouJizz the other day. Eventually she pulls out a pixelated dick and she shows her hairy bush and for the finale he cums in her hair.

Christ alfuckingmighty. This is about as bad as it gets. Art weirdos meet Asian weirdos. Thats an unholy alliance the world is not prepared for. And for the record, hickeys fucking suck. Don’t wanna give em, don’t wanna receive em. Like for real who wants a chick sucking and biting you until you bruise? The time you spent sucking on my skin to burst my blood vessels could have been spent sucking on my dick and bursting my testicles. And I sure as fuck don’t wanna sit there giving you. Kissing is bad enough, not you want me to suck on you like I’m fucking breast feeding or something? For sure not. Lets skip ALL this bullshit and get to the penetration.

PS – Hands down the weirdest part of this “exhibit” is the three roasted chickens hanging from him. Real nice touch from Kang Yi. I would bet my money on roasted cats and dogs but whatever.