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End Your Workday With The Time Klay Thompson Dropped 60 Points On 11 Dribbles


Alright folks, you know what time it is. It’s time to stop trying to pretend you’re still working and fire up some good old fashioned basketball highlights in an attempt to entertain yourself for this stretch run to freedom. Now if you come to this blog regularly, first off thank you, you know that it’s usually a mix of countdowns, best of’s, basketball documentaries I find interesting, basically anything that when I was back in the cubes that I would kill time with, I try and share with you all. So while thinking of something for today’s NBA time waster, I figured I’d switch things up a little bit and relieve one of the coolest moments in recent memory on the hardwood.

With Klay Thompson doing nuts last night and dropping 43 on just 4 dribbles, a lot of people made the comparison to a performance he had just over 2 years ago. You remember it right? That time he torched the Nets for 60 points while only taking 11 dribbles and playing just 29 minutes. It was one of the more impressive shooting performances I have ever seen, so it only makes sense that while people are bringing it up again, we take some time today and relieve that moment. If you remember, he did this in 3 quarters and only had the ball for 1.5 seconds per touch. Simply ridiculous.

If that doesn’t make your brain melt how about this. There have been over 150,000 games played in NBA history and only twice has a player scored more than 50 points in under 30 minutes. Klay owns them both. Think of all the insane scoring performance we’ve seen throughout history, nobody has done what Klay Thompson was able to accomplish. That’s wild. So, what better way to end your day than reliving that night from early December 2016. You know the drill, sit back, hit play, watch some awesome near 10 minutes worth of highlights and before you know it it’ll be quittin’ time.

You made it halfway through the week, well done. The weekend is that much closer and I’ll see you all again tomorrow afternoon to help you get there.