We've Got A Manhunt Currently Underway In South Philly After A Suspect Evades A Chase And Leaves Multiple Cops Injured


If there’s one place in the world you probably don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a manhunt in, it’s South Philly. Especially not while tensions are already running high in the midst of an Eagles playoff run. I’d say for the majority of manhunts, typically it’s the people in the surrounding area that should feel a little concerned. But right now? Well I have to imagine that best case scenario is that the cops find Dejuan Robinson before a wild pack of Eagles fans do. Honestly I’m pretty surprised that the people on the bus didn’t get to him first. Nobody is happy to be riding SEPTA. And they’re especially not going to be happy if some asshole crashes his car into the bus while he’s running away from the cops.

Luckily it doesn’t sound like any of the injuries to the officers and state troopers were serious so they’ll all be fine. But like I mentioned before, the longer this guy is roaming around in South Philly, the more likely it is that he gets taken down by a citizen who runs their own version of the Philly Special on him and then proceeds to drop a “Go Birds” on his ass. So if you’re Dejuan Robinson, I’d highly recommend just turning yourself in right now. No good can come out of any other option.

Will update once this asshole is caught.