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Thank You To Everybody Who Bought Barstool Gold

Listen with anything new there is always bound to be a ton of haters. Therefore I knew there would be pushback against Barstool Gold. But you know what else I knew? The majority of our fans actually root for us and want to see us succeed. They want to be there to celebrate with us the day we overtake ESPN. They want to be there when I pop my custom Ace of Spades Bottles that have each of my enemies names engraved on them.

So I knew people would buy Gold. And not even necessarily because of the content behind the paywall was so great, but rather to support the squad. But even I was surprised by how successful it was. I honestly can’t thank the Stoolies enough. We got this far because we have the best fans in the world and your non stop support lets us continue to do things our way. There is a reason we’ve lasted 15 years. There is a reason we are still the company that keeps other companies up at night. And it’s all because of our fans. And make no mistake about it. The money we make from Gold will go right back into creating new great content and paying our guys the money they deserve. So again thanks to everybody who bought Barstool Gold on day 1. We are almost 70% to hitting our year goal in 1 day. Truly amazing stuff. I wish I had the words to express how thankful I am but sadly I’m not that articulate. So instead I’ll let a far more articulate manchild do it for me.