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New York City's Famed "Goat Man" Kidnaps A Woman In His Van

NBC New York – A New Jersey man known for bringing his pet goat to sightsee in New York City has been accused of picking up an incapacitated woman who had been partying at a Manhattan nightclub and taking her in a van to his house, where he sexually assaulted her. Union County prosecutors say Cyrus Fakroddin, 51, encountered the woman, 19, “who was physically and mentally incapacitated,” in the early morning hours of Nov. 17 in Manhattan. Fakroddin took the woman in his van to his house in Summit, N.J., where he sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said. Fakroddin has gained notoriety in recent years for bringing his pet Alpine Pygmy goat, Cocoa, to enjoy the sites of the city, and has been spotted eating pizza, riding the subway and taking cab rides. Reuters reported that Fakroddin says Cocoa “doesn’t like goats, she doesn’t like farms, she likes the people and the city.” In the alleged assault, the victim regained consciousness several hours later and had no memory of meeting Fakroddin or traveling to his house. She contacted a friend and returned to Manhattan, where she sought medical attention because she suspected she had been assaulted.

Listen I’ve seen Minority Report. I know how complicated the notion of “PreCrime” can get. But if you’re telling me Goat Man shouldn’t have been locked up the fucking minute he brought a pet goat named Cocoa into a goddam pizza place, you’re outside of your mind. Like there was never a more guaranteed, mortal lock, rape van criminal than the fucking Jersey City Goat Man. He should have been picked up by the police immediately. And to be honest I think a judge and jury would bend the rules for this one and put him in prison. I think even the Goat Man and his lawyer would be like “Well, I understand.” Not too mention this guy’s name. “Cyrus Fakroddin.” Thats the most villainous name ever. Cyrus Fakroddin the Goat Man. That guy almost has to be a rapist. At the very least he should have had intelligence officers watching him everywhere he went.