The NBA IS Going To Have An ISO-Cam So You Can Watch ONLY LeBron During An Entire Game

2018 Board of Governors Presser

Now this is pretty cool. If there’s one thing Adam Silver understands, it’s how fans consume his product. It’s why he doesn’t give a shit that people take clips of his product and push it out on their own social media, he understands that NBA Twitter is a real thing and can be a real tool for the league moving forward. I imagine he knows that we all watch NBA games while having Twitter open, so this is a pretty cool partnership that will probably impact how other leagues operate. Now streaming games through a social network isn’t new, you see that with baseball and the NFL, but I think this little wrinkle that the NBA is incorporating. They are making this interactive with fans which is a great idea, and I like the idea of being able to choose multiple camera angles. That sort of reminds me of what Steve Ballmer is doing with the Clippers CourtVision.

It’s pretty clear that this sort of thing is the future of sports and how it intertwines with technology and a fanbase that is trending younger and always on their phone/computer/whatever.  I also think it’s great that they are giving you some alternate commentators. Look I love Marv Albert, but if you listen to his broadcasts he’s basically accurate around 65% of the time. Giving fans another option and a different perspective is a great idea. I just hope it’s better than their Player’s Only broadcasts because I think you;ll agree if you’ve watched those for like 10 seconds you know how trash it is. Maybe you don’t want to listen to Reggie Miller speak nonsense, boom you have another option at your disposal.

This news comes just days after the Washington Wizards announced they are also going to have alternative TV broadcasts on their local stations that embrace gambling and have a free contest featuring a $500 prize as well as betting info and statistics. The plan for them is to have 8 of these type of broadcasts which according to NBC Sports Washington


“Combining the excitement of live Wizards games with engaging predictive gaming and data feeds will deliver a very entertaining experience for viewers, from first-time gaming players to savvy sports bettors,” NBC Sports Washington general manager Damon Phillips said in a press release. “The level of interest from fans, partners and sponsors in this area continues to increase, so we are pleased to offer this compelling product this season.”

So as you can see, the league is paving ways not only for gambling content, but also leveraging a unique experience for fans to enjoy their product on social media. It’s pretty exciting to think of where this is all headed in the near future, and it doesn’t at all surprise me that it appears to have Adam Silver leading the charge.

Weird looking dude sure, but he is a visionary you can’t argue that.