Kevin Spacey's Brother Is Just A Ridiculously Dressed Human Being

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I understand that me, a man currently in a grandma cardigan and plaid pants, calling someone “ridiculously dressed” is a bit much. I’ve earned that and I will own it. But Randall Spacey has got to be kidding me with this daily ensemble! I learned that Randy even existed yesterday when he was on TMZ talking about his brother and I thought, “Whoa, that’s an odd outfit choice for what is essentially your coming out party to the world,” but after a quick Google search I’ve learned that it wasn’t an outfit choice at all, it’s just daily wear. Randy Spacey gets up every morning and doesn’t even have to think about his outfit, like you get up and just put on a shirt and jeans Randy gets up and pops on a Seinfeld pirate shirt, an ascot, and a cape. Dollar Store Rod Stewart is just his default look.

Having said all that, I know the Spacey storylines were always there, I know that he was “one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood” with Weinstein, but if your brother looks like this then that’s gotta rocket up 100 fold. You got a brother who steps out on the town looking like this then you’re up to some tricks.

PS – Do you think Randall owns a limo company or do you think he just takes a photo in front of every limo he sees? Anyone else and it’s clear he works in the limo business but with Randall it’s a toss-up.