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More Bears Bullshit: Vic Fangio Named Denver Head Coach

The writing was on the wall here but still… This sucks.  Fangio has been one of the most respected defensive coordinators in the league for going on 2 decades now.  Needless to say losing a coach of his caliber completely blows.  The defense flourished under him once Pace supplied him with the proper personnel for his 3-4.  Now we’re stuck in offseason purgatory on that side of the ball.

Will Pace hire someone from outside the organization?  Will he promote someone like Ed Donatell?  Will he stick with the same 3-4 that was so fucking good until the Eagles game?  No idea.  Pace has killed it for the last 2 years outside of signing a our kicker to $8MM guaranteed, so we have no reason to not have faith in him finding a qualified candidate.  One silver lining is that there has to be many, many coaches licking their chops to coach this defense, even if it’s a lateral move and the Bears somehow snag another team’s already established DC.  One pipe dream would be Todd Bowles, in which case the Bears shouldn’t skip a beat.

Regardless, thanks for everything Vic – you killed it in Chicago.