Candidate For Worst Person On Earth Accidentally Drags a Dog While Riding Her Scooter For Over 100 Yards, Smiles In Pics With The Bloody Dog After, And Says "Shit Happens"

Police in California are investigating reports of animal cruelty after videos have emerged showing a woman dragging a small dog on a leash while riding an electric scooter. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon in the 2100 block of Pine Street in downtown Bakersfield.

Facebook user James Dowell shared a pair of videos from his home surveillance system showing an unnamed woman speeding on a Bird rental scooter down the street with a mixed-breed black-and-white pooch named Zebra dragging behind the vehicle. Dowell wrote in a status update that the only reason the scooter rider stopped was because she was confronted by a pair of bicyclists.

Another eyewitness, Brandon Sanders, also shared still photos of the woman grinning while holding the bloodied dog in her arms. In the images, all four of Zebra’s paws appear visibly injured and the woman’s red sweater is smeared with what look like the dog’s blood.

Sanders wrote in a post: ‘The dog was on its side and we watched it being drug [sic] at least 100 yards and there’s no telling how long she had been dragging it for before we saw her. You can see that its paws are all completely bloody.’

My thoughts are pretty simple here: this woman should be thrown behind bars and never ever under no circumstances be allowed to own a pet again. I understand that accidents happen and if you are wearing head phones you may not realize you’ve been dragging a dog for God knows how long on your scooter. Nope just kidding, I think anyone with a working brain would realize after 15 feet that something weird was going on and that your dog was howling in pain. How can you go on for 100 yards thinking everything was totally fine. She might be the most delirious person ever invented.

What infuriated me beyond belief was posing with her brutally injured dog for a photo while she was SMILING. What in heaven’s name could you be cracking a smile for? Go rush your dog to the vet Christ’s sake. All four of its paws are bleeding because you just dragged it through the streets, oblivious to everything going on. Also, apparently when two cyclists confronted her about it she grinned and said “shit happens, just like kids” SHIT HAPPENS?!? I’d like to see how you felt if a truck was accidentally dragging you over the length of a football field. Oops! Shit happens guys!

PRISON! FIRING SQUAD! DEATH BY EXILE! PLANETARY DEPORTATION! Get this person out of my sight and out of any other animals’ potential harm. What the actual fuck is wrong with some people?

Zebra, the poor dog, is expected to make a full recovery thank god. Somehow someway the woman wasn’t charged with any crime.