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This Incredible Ski Rescue In The French Alps Will Stress You Out

Who doesn’t wanna be a little stressed on a Wednesday afternoon?!

Holy shitballs. The entire time I watched that video I was on the edge of my seat, paranoid a blade would scrape the ice, sending everything & everyone into fiery chaos. It looks like they’re only inches away from that happening the whole time.

From Global News:

A spectacular display of flying precision is what it took to save an injured young man on a mountainside in the French Alps.

Nicolas Derely wrote on Facebook that he was skiing on Jan. 2 with his family and his son’s friend, Emmanuel De Bellavoine, when the latter began complaining of a knee injury.

Derely says it was a miracle that he had “four bars and 4G” in the middle of the Anterne Pass to call emergency services.

Honestly I was kind of shocked to see that the injury was a hurt knee. I’d have thought someone was unconscious or having a heart attack or bones were sticking out for that sort of death-defying effort on the pilot’s part. But also, when you’re in the middle of the French Alps I guess there’s not much they can do.

Perhaps this gentleman pizza’ed when he was supposed to French fry, or French fry’ed when he was supposed to pizza, but either way, thanks to brave rescue crews De Bellavoine will be alright.

I’m not a ski person (more of a snow tuber) & I don’t speak French, but I imagine that Tweet of rescue photos says, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit we’re pretty fucking close, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit.”

Safe to say I agree with the sentiment that our military & rescue pilots are a special breed, indeed.

Speaking of, not quite a helicopter but ZBT found another pilot doing something pretty cool today… NBD…

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 12.43.08 PM

You can listen to the podcasts here, even if you don’t have a fighter jet: