A Couple Of Philly Comedians Got Their Shit Waxed Off On Last Night's Jimmy Fallon

Local talent making it big! Sure it’s only to experience extreme pain on national TV, but hey, any press is good press. And we’ll do anything to support our homegrown talent like Tim Butterly and Mike Rainey. However, going with a non-Asian to do the deed and failing to yelp out a Kelly Clarkson or Como Se Llama is not a good look.

You never know what comedians will be rising the ranks to join the likes of Kevin Hart, Tina Fey, Paul F. Tompkins, Todd Glass, Adam Smith and Bob fucking Saget who also started in and around Philly. Former Philly’s Phunniest winner and BirdText member is now on “Last Comic Standing” and definitely has that “It” factor to go along with that Italian scumbagness to dominate the stage. You never know, there could the next Nick Hall serving you that coffee in Starbucks. Or it’s actually the real Nick Hall. The comedy life is a rough one.