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WOJ BOMB: The Knicks May Be Trading Enes Kanter For Zach Randolph

ZBOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’ll admit that the last two Knicks Woj Bombs I blogged about (Ron Baker getting waived by the Wizards and that they MIGHT trade for a 37-year-old Zach Randolph) aren’t exactly nukes, atomic bombs, or even dynamite level explosiveness. To be honest, I don’t know if that tweet would even blow off anybody’s fingers in 2019. But being able to ship out an overpriced player that is complaining about being benched and also happens to have the government of Turkey hot on his ass while also being able to reunite ZBo with Coach Fiz is about as good as it gets for Knicks fans in a season where their team should worry about nothing other than losing as many games as possible for a chance to draft a Blue Devil and clearing out enough cap space for a max contract this summer for a definitely not 7 foot Golden State Warrior. Getting one of the more legendary players in the NBA before his inevitable run in the Big 3 for a guy who can’t guard pick and roll defenses but can still scored and rebound enough to throw off the tank feels like a win as a Knicks fan. And if LeBron tries to fuck with Frankie Smokes again, I imagine ZBo will be more than happy to play the enforcer role.

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