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Kliff Kingsbury And Holly Sonders Are Confirmed Dating

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Did people know this was a thing? I didn’t know it was and a quick Google search of their names would lead me to believe that nobody else new either. I didn’t even know this was potentially a thing. The only people who seemed to know they might be dating were a couple dudes on an Aggies message board which isn’t all that surprising. Those guys know everything. Well it’s official now. Holly was all over social media yesterday talking about how hot Kliff is and how proud of him she is after he took the Arizona Cardinals HC job.

What a smoking hot couple. I honestly don’t know who’s hotter between the two of them. It’s a tough call but I’m leaning towards Kliff. Like yeah, Holly Sonders is a good looking lady but Kliff is a smoke stack and a half. The dude is 39 years old, has an 8-pack, a good head of hair and is the HC of an NFL team. He’s the whole package. I’d date him in a second.

Good for them. I’m happy for these crazy kids.

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