New "Smart Fridge" Will Keep Track Of How Much You Drink And Automatically Order More Beer When You Run Low

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Source - A Japanese company will unveil on Tuesday a “smart’’ beer fridge designed to keep track of how many brewskis you drink — and automatically order more when you run low.

The chill contraption, called the DrinkShift, is among thousands of high-tech products set to be displayed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which kicks off Tuesday and will run through Friday.

In addition to the brew-buddy fridge by Tokyo-based Shiftall Inc., which holds 13 beers and uses sensors to keep a tally of your bottles. 

Whenever a new technology comes out, I’m always skeptical. I feel like a lot of times technology that’s designed to make things easier actually makes things more complicated. There’s no better example of this than in the “smart home” space. For example, I have a friend who uses Apple Home to operate everything in his apartment. Half the time when he speaks a command Siri doesn’t listen and the other half, she ends up performing the wrong task. Dumb bitch. Not only is it obnoxious, it’s completely unnecessary and makes things take twice as long as they normally would be.

Having said that, I am 100% on board with this new smart fridge. Yeah, it may increase my alcohol consumption and eventually lead to a litany of health problems including but not limited to weight gain, irregular heartbeat, cirrhosis of the liver, and crippling addiction…but it’ll also eliminate the need to go to the store. And for that reason alone, I’m all in. Because there’s nothing worse than walking to get beer in New York City and having to schlepp it down the street back to your apartment. There’s nothing worse than doing that in any part of the country. It’s all about convenience, convenience, convenience.

Coincidentally, Barstool has some people in Vegas this week near where this product was introduced, so I’m hoping they bring one back to the office for us to test out. Chances are they won’t, but a man can dream. Until then I’ll be walking to the store like a poor.

 PS: We’re almost there…