KFC Radio Episode 24 Part I - Pageviews

Episode 24 presented by Streaker Sports – Check out their Cinderella Man shorts. Fire.

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I spent like 6 months toying with this podcast making sure it was KFC tested, Mogul approved. So last night Davey Pageviews finally made his first appearance on KFC Radio. It was like when your boss finally comes out of his corner office into the Cubes and realizes just how much of a shit show his employees are running. It was honestly like when you’re in the basement hanging out with your buddies drinking beers and then your dad shows up and tries to kick it for a while. Except ordinarily your dad doesn’t end up talking about fucking Honey Boo Boo’s mom or commenting on how frequently his wife shits in front of him. But, thats life in the trenches at KFC Radio. Shit gets weird.

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