Ryan Saunders Ran His Dad Flip's Favorite Play On The Timberwolves First Possession

Keith blogged about the celebration following the win for 32-year old Ryan Saunders. The interim head coach in Minnesota took over after Thibs was fired and needless to say the ‘this one was for Flip’ really carried some weight.

But this? This is goddamn awesome, especially if you’re a real nerd like me and care about play calls and things like that. Sure, I’m a bit of a sap and can appreciate any good tribute. It brings a slight tear to my eye. But calling your dad’s favorite play on the first play of your head coaching career with his old team?

Yeah, that’s how you do it.

I’m a bit mad though as the play didn’t work. Andre Wiggins ended up missing a long two as the shot clock expired, but still, they got a win and he called this play. Also love that he only told his mom before hand. That’s a tough secret to keep in considering there was likely a whole lot of nerves involved.

It was also awesome to listen to Chris Webber and Isiah Thomas talk about it. Obviously Webber has a history with Flip Saunders and both knew the play. You can tell there was sort of an excitement from Webber that Ryan ran Flip’s play.

In case you’re wondering here’s what the 452 Twist looks like:
Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 9.40.48 AM