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Enormous Sign Falls On A Car And Nearly Kills An Australian Woman While She's Driving Down Under (Australia)

First of all, the watermarks on that video are outrageous. It reminds me of watching squiggly porn. You know the good stuff is there but you can barely see it because of all the bullshit in the way.

Do you see the tit?


I dont. Do you see the big ass sign falling? You usually dont until you do and then it’s too late.

I’m surprised this kinda thing doesnt happen more but like anything else, when it does happen, people on the internet start acting like a bunch of little ninnies and making it their biggest fear.

Metres? What is this? Fucking Australia? FEET! Twitter is used in America! A few more FEET and she’d be dead!

Good luck, Vic, if that is your real name.


It’s called an imagination, John. Use it once in a while. There are many fascinating ways for people to nearly die. You just have to open your brain housing group.

As always, glad she is ok and it was just a broken wing. She’ll be back to putting shrimp on the barbie in no time so I aint gonna spend any more time on it because, in the meantime, every 90 days, a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland. We have bigger shit to worry about than a fluke sign falling.