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Is Nickel Cornerback Brandon Boykin Putting A Picture Of Himself On His Rims Cocky Or The Cockiest Move Ever?


BOOM! Talk about a power move. It doesn’t matter if you’re only on the field for roughly 50% of the plays. You’re in the NFL. A place at the table is a place at the table, and you gotta let it be known. If that means putting your picture in uniform on the rims of your $100K vehicle, then so be it. Can’t imagine if Boykin ever makes a Pro-Bowl. Dude might be driving a custom Lamborghini in the shape of his dick like something Ace & Gary drove in The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

Vote 1 for Cocky and Vote 10 for Cockiest Thing This Side Of Jeopardy! Colby:

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I actually LOVE Boykin and think he will be a playmaker on this team for a long time. Guy is the definition of a ball hawk. Here’s hoping he gets more snaps this year.