Ryan Reaves Saying Him And Tom Wilson "Play The Same Style" Isn't Even The Dumbest Thing He Said In A 30 Second Clip

Laugh out loud funny stuff from Ryan “watching games from the press box” Reaves. He didn’t even mean to, but he pretty much wrote an article for the Onion with his answers. Somehow him saying that him and Tom Wilson play the same style of hockey wasn’t even the dumbest thing he said in the clip above, which is amazing considering Tom Wilson is a top line winger with 21 points in 23 games this season and more points in his last 100 games than Reaves has in his last 400. Just objectively, no bias, Ryan Reaves isn’t even close to the caliber of player Tom Wilson is. And especially considering Reaves is 7 years older than Wilson- Reaves never developed his game, while Willy is still coming into his own offensively, but has already passed Reaves in every metric in terms of being a hockey player. And honestly, yeah I hate Reaves, but that’s just indisputable facts.

But as I said, him saying they play the same style isn’t even the dumbest thing he said in the clip above. The dumbest thing he said was that he’s 1-0 vs Wilson. Oh, cool, you’re 1-0 at hitting him while he’s not looking. I’m sure that’s what your Knights teammates really care about. You know, the guys who actually took the ice during the Stanley Cup and battled it out while you were eating nachos up in the press box. How “1-0 vs Wilson” does this look, my friend?

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.25.14 AM

Reaves had 2 (two) points in 10 playoff games last year, meanwhile Willy had 15 in 21 and lifted the Cup over his head on the Vegas strip. But hey, you gave him that regular season concussion! 1-0 Reaves!!!! What a freaking pea brain.