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Congrats To The Legend TJ Oshie On Career Goal 200

Gotta give a quick big time shout out to the legend himself TJ Oshie for scoring his 200th career goal last night. Since coming to DC, Oshie has been freaking awesome. He doesn’t put up the flashiest, gaudiest numbers per se, but he is absolutely perfect at his role on the 2nd line and in the slot on the top PP. Last year in the playoffs he was the best player on the ice more often than not, playing at a level I’d never seen before. Dude was throwing his body around like a cannonball, grinding in the trenches, and put up 21 points in 24 playoff games. Was without a doubt the unsung hero of the entire Cup run and he celebrated as such.

Lots of players come and go through DC, but not many have taken DC in as their home and become engrained with the team and community as fast and as perfectly as Oshie. He’s the people’s champion, a Stanley Cup champion, and an American hero. Congrats on 200, babe.