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The Redskins Had An Elite Coaching Staff In 2012...Bruce Allen Let Them All Go

Ah yes, 2012. The last time we had any hope as Redskins fans. RG3 was hot in the streets, running the offense and winning rookie of the year with ease. The Redskins were in the playoffs, all was merry and great…and then it all went to hell. The knee injury, the Shanahan drama, the “all in for week 1″, the media leaks, good times all around. But that coaching staff was something special.

The offensive coordinator was Kyle Shanahan. After the Shanahan family’s fallout with Dan Snyder, he went on to lead the Falcons to the highest scoring offense in 2017, and is currently trying to rebuild the Niners. He’s probably the least successful of the 3 head coaches that have come out of the staff, but is still considered a guy who can become a pretty good head coach.

Then we have Matt LeFleur. He was the Skins QB coach on that 2012 staff. He then went with Kyle to Atlanta and was Matt Ryan’s QB coach in that Super Bowl year. He then went and joined Sean McVay in LA and helped turn Jared Goff and the Rams offense around. As the OC the Rams had the #1 scoring offense in the NFL. And now he’s the head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Not too bad.

And then finally the golden boy himself, Sean McVay. The guy the Skins considered too young to be a head coach, even though everyone around the league praised how genius he was. We had this guy under our roof, we had a head coach opening, and we passed on him. So he went to LA and has gone 11-5 and 13-3 in his two seasons there, and is widely already considered one of the best coaches in the league. “But he’s too young to be a head coach!” Bruce Allen will shout to anyone listening to him in the Wendy’s drive thru.

Bruce Allen let all 3 of them go. That’s the sort of football mind we have in the front office. A guy who has Kyle Shanahan, Matt LeFleur, and Sean McVay all on one staff and decides none of them are important enough to promote or pay to keep on the staff. So they just go and prosper elsewhere. We are digging out of the bottom of the barrel for anyone who is willing to come coach here, while all our old assistants are becoming head coaches elsewhere. Thanks, Bruce Allen. Great job man.