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Last Fan Duel Football Tournament Of The Year

This is it folks. Last chance to win some honest coin money from Fan Duel. If you haven’t been paying attention, literally everyone has finished in the money at some point during the season. Mo and Kmarko both pocketed like a thousand bucks for their 1,2 finish. I got a few hundred bucks with a top 10 and a couple top 30 finishes. Even fucking Neil profited a couple weeks. I think Pres was the only one who never won. So basically what I’m saying is if we’re all as stupid as everyone thinks we are, theres no reason for you not to sign up this week. Last chance for one of our monster NFL pools. Don’t be the guy who missed out on 19 straight weeks of $15,000+ fantasy football pots.


$15,000 in total prizes, $3000 for first place.

334 spots, prizes to 34th place.
$50 to enter, up to three entries allowed.
Tournament starts at 4:30 EST on Saturday. Payouts occur on Monday.