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Kim Jong Un Pissed At North Korea's Meteorologists For Not Being Accurate Enough With The Weather


CNN – According to state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun, the North Korean leader has been touring meteorological facilities in his country complaining that there are “too many incorrect” weather forecasts. As further proof of the supreme leader’s extreme displeasure, the Rodong Sinmun report includes photos of a red-faced Kim chastising what appear to be sheepish meteorological personnel. The wording of the report is a little unclear at times, but it claims Kim’s concerns about the weather relate to its potential impact on the economy.

I feel ya, Kim. Only Weathermen, Ryan Howard and Manzo can do their job with a 20% success rate and not be fired on the spot.

But you have to feel bad for these meteorologists. Talk about your classic no win situation. Over here in the states we have all the advanced Space Satellite Doppler Radar 4.0 you can eat. Technology that should be able to set a hard date on the apocalypse let if it’s going to sprinkle within the next 5 minutes and they still fuck up 90% of the time. There’s no chance these poor saps working with Windows 95 are going to accurately predict the weather. Might as well have one of the rats for dinner to choose what’s going to happen. If Kim Jon Pun murders members of his own family for farting without permission, these poor Charlies attempting to be Hurricane Swartz’s are as good as dead.

Hey North Korea, you want an accurate weather prediction? Here’s one with a guaranteed 100% chance of precipitation from Phil Conners (at 0:35):