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New Jersey Man Arrested For Planting An American Flag On Top Of The Hurricane Sandy Seaside Roller Coaster

SEASIDE HEIGHTS (WABC) — Police have apprehended a man who apparently climbed the New Jersey roller coaster that was swept into the ocean during Superstorm Sandy and unfurled an American flag. The 38-year-old Lavallette man, identified as Christopher Angulo, paddled out to the Seaside Heights Jet Star coaster in a canoe to plant the flag. He said something about restoring what was lost to the shore. Angulo then walked from the top of the coaster and hopped into a police boat, where he was handcuffed. He walked through the surf and was escorted to a police car on the beach. His mother says Angulo lives at his grandmother’s home in Lavallette and that he is a bit of a daredevil. The remnants of the coaster have become one of the iconic images of the storm. Angulo apparently called a New Jersey radio station and said he was “putting up a flag and I might camp out here a couple days.” Angulo reportedly runs Tsunami Tree Care of Lavallette. “I’m a local tree climber and I really missed the pier,” he told the radio station. “It’s like my backyard. Today, I decided to come up and put up a flag. It looks so bare without a flag. I’m going to try to stay a couple days. I have no weapons, if the police get involved. I have a pair of scissors, that’s it.”

‘Murica! Let me ask you something – is there anyone who’s ever got a more guaranteed Governor’s Pardon coming their way? Chris Christie is gonna have all this dude’s charges dropped and he’s probably gonna name a Jersey Shore town after him. Seaside is gonna be named Angulo Heights. Its like when Neil Armstrong planted a flag on the moon and claimed it for planet earth so that aliens know what the fuck is up. It represents everything about America and New Jersey. I mean this flag flying is a beacon of hope. Everyone who takes a look at that roller coaster knows that New Jersey won’t be stopped by a little thunderstorm. Everyone will know that trashy chicks with spray tans and STDs who smoke cigarettes will fuck dudes with tattoos and blowouts wearing beaters and Jordans. Today will be remembered as the the day New Jersey guidaloons declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!”

PS – How pissed is Springsteen about this cover?