Caesars Palace Sets The Orioles 2019 Win Total At 59!!! LETS ALL GET RICH!

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I mean this is free money! Caesars Palace comes out with their MLB win total projections and looky what I see. The Orioles sitting there at 59! 59?! I mean if you're a serious bettor, you have to consider placing the house on the Birds and the UNDER!
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As we all know, the Orioles bottomed out last season and finished just 61 games behind the Red Sox with a record of 47-115. Some things didn't go Baltimore's way and they just fell right on their face. But I truly believe they were a game or two away from ripping off 25 in a row, what can ya do?
The fact that CP thinks the Orioles will win 12 more games than they did last year is…..something. I love this team more than I love some family members, but I don't think there is any way they sniff 59 wins. They're rebuilding, have some young talent, but have question marks in the rotation, the bullpen, and they don't even have a full coaching staff at the moment. At least for the most of last season the Orioles had talent, Manny Machado, Adam Jones, Zach Britton, Darren O'Day, Jonathan Schoop, and Kevin Gausman. This year they don't have any of them, and there is still a chance the Yankees add Manny. Obviously they play the Yankees 19 times, the Sox 19 times, the 90-win Rays 19 times, not to mention the Jays with Vlad Guerrero Jr 19 times, I'm anxious to see where they think those 12 extra wins come from.
I'd love it if they won 59 games and made this blog look terrible, but I just don't see it happening. New front office, new players, new coaching staff, new manager in the best division in baseball? That doesn't scream 12 win improvement from the sixth worst season in baseball history. Now I know they can't possibly be as bad as last year, no way they lose 115 again, but I just don't see the 12 game improvement. HAMMER THE UNDER and lets all get rich AF.