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Nude Olympics Trying To Tone Down Naked Children Participation

Huff Po - In order to discourage pedophiles, children competing in the Nude Olympics Jan. 20 at Maslin Beach near Adelaide, Australia, will have to wear bottoms, the Southern Times Messenger reports. Police told organizers that kids should be clothed during events such as the sack race and treasure hunt to “deter any untoward behavior,” South Coast Sgt. Malcolm Marr said in the publication. Unauthorized and suspicious photography will also be tightly monitored, organizer Debbie Pillar told the Messenger. According to the Advertiser, the event is being revived for the first time since losing sponsorship in 2007. Pillar told the outlet that the event would help “raise awareness” of the nudist movement. Her husband said he hoped the Nude Olympics would attract thousands. The couple’s Pilwarren nudist resort is sponsoring the Nude Olympics, which was first staged in 1983. Other children’s events, according to the resort site, include frisbee throwing, the three-legged race and water balloon throwing.

Only a bunch of fucking pedophiles playing tug of war with their dicks out would blame the kids for the pedophilia problems at the Nude Olympics. Like “Well ya know, I’m here just trying to have a completely harmless good time doing the naked three legged race and we’ve got nude children doing the treasure hunt! How am I supposed to CHIP with that goin on, Doug!” Maybe its not the kids fault. Maybe its the fucking grown ass adults who are playing frisbee with each other while their balls flop around. Maybe organizing a big event for naked people to play games with each other is just a breeding ground for sexual deviants of all ages and all shapes and sizes? Ever think of that? Or did you just think grown ass adults hopping around naked in potato sacks was gonna bring about a friendly non-rape environment?