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Chicago Dog Walk Is Hangin' Near The Top Of The iTunes Charts And Is Now Available On Spotify & Stitcher


dogwalk 2

I don’t mean to be stuffing everybody’s face with this, but it’s kind of how promo works 

Big thanks to everybody that listened and subscribed. Who knows how the hell these algorithms work as this all could mean jack shit, but pretty cool nonetheless. I’m going to keep hammering home that this show is only 15-20 minutes long and comes out around lunch time everyday. I say that because I know how hard it can be to listen to long podcasts sometimes, and want you to know it’s not as crazy of a commitment as it may seem like on the surface.

Carl was on yesterday to break down what is going on with Ed Burke in a way that’s actually digestible. No news-speak in there at all. Just our boy Carl telling us what he knows about the alleged allegations.

We have a big episode dropping today too with Pat Corcoran (better known as Pat The Manager) who is Chance The Rapper’s manager to talk about the music industry in Chicago and his love for Gas Money Bob.

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