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Aussie Comes Face To Face With Great White Shark In Sydney Harbor

Could it be fake? Yeah, I guess. Seems like a lot of action in a little amount time so it most likely is a charade. But until Bruce flops out of the harbor and turns into Jimmy Kimmel, I’m giving this one the benefit of the doubt. Which means: Shit, I would like you to meet pants. I do have an issue with the tough guy Aussie describing on YouTube that he “Fought Off” the shark. Sure, pal. Didn’t even look the thing in its Doll’s eye. You “fought” that Great White just like I “battle” the runs every Sunday morning after a bender. Which is essentially doing nothing but pissing everywhere and praying to God it ends one way or another real quick. I guess both of us are lucky we’ve never sang farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies.