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Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsbury (Guy Who Went 5-7 With Patrick Mahomes At Texas Tech)

Just 34 days since Kliff Kingsbury took a job at USC, he is on the move again, this time to the Arizona Cardinals. Somehow, someway, Kliff is now one of the 32 people in America who are head coaches of a National Football League team.

It was a wild 34 days for Kliff at USC. He went from the savior of the program to being blocked to interview with NFL teams by the AD and then doing it anyway. Who would’ve thought he would lie like this?

A bizarre hire by the Cardinas here. Yes, Kingsbury is an offensive mastermind, but let’s not forget he is just a month away from being fired by Texas fucking Tech. Some of his greatest accomplishments in college:

-Opting for Davis Webb over future Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, who then transferred.

-Going 5-7 with Patrick Mahomes, a future NFL MVP

-Finishing 35-40 in his Texas Tech career

Now, he’s the coach of an NFL team. I don’t think we talk about Hot Privilege enough. If Kliff Kingsbury looked like Pee Wee Herman, he is a QB coach at North Texas right now.

A cool story line heading into next season will be when the Cardinals play the Browns. Think the stare down of Hue Jackson was bad by Baker? Wait until he stares down the guy who told him to transfer for Davis Fucking Webb.