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Jack Lew, Expected To Be The Next Treasury Secretary, Just Redefined The Signature Game

The Atlantic – President Obama is expected to pick Jack Lew to be the next Treasury Secretary. If confirmed by Congress, that makes him the guy autographing your dollar bills. And, as Kevin Roose points out, his autograph is insane. It is also not, strictly speaking, an autograph. It is a doodle. Or series of cursive O’s (or, equally, of upside-down cursive E’s) or “a Slinky that has lost its spring,” or a visual expression of the weary hollowness of identity.  Fortunately, for the aesthetic integrity of our currency, the GOP’s aversion to Jack Lew (and Congress’ aversion to speedy confirmations) suggests he’ll have many weeks to learn to sign his name using more than one letter.

This signature just fucking screams “I don’t give a shit about you or whatever this document I’m signing is.” What a boss move. Just 8 loops, drop the pen, and get this document the fuck out of my face! Should replace “Can I have your John Hancock?’ with “Can I have your Jack Lew?” because these son of a bitch right here just redefined the autograph game.

Makes me think I should start practicing a KFC autograph for every time I get mobbed by people in public asking for my signature. So far this is what I got: