White Sox Looking Better Than Ever For Machado

The internet is the fucking best.  I get daily DM’s from people who know someone from their sister’s friend’s church Facebook group that knows a guy that knows a guy who know’s Machado or Harper or Kelvin Herrera and that “a signing is imminent”.

Now I largely ignore 99% of them.  But this time I’m not.  This time I’m putting my full trust in the internet and a random White Sox fan message board.  Because people I trust vouch for him.  Here’s his scoop:

According to [redacted] of White Sox internet forum [redacted] the White Sox are close on Machado:

Do I know who this guy is?  Not a clue.  But as I said, people I trust say he’s had reliable info on the past and because this entire Manny Machado saga is driving me batshit crazy, I’m gonna choose to put my faith in him.  I’m like the Mexican dude in Half Baked:

I said it on RLR last night – I know the Sox have a 7 year offer on the table (that is now public info) for what I assume is an AAV record of about $35MM/year.  So something along the lines of 7/$245MM, with opt outs, unevenly dispersed $/years, etc. I would imagine they have room to budge IF they need it, but apparently they don’t at this time.  The Yankees FO is split on if they even want him, and they are going to try to get him well below market value should they choose to even extend an offer.  If they do have money on the table for him at this point, Hal Steinbrenner has zero intention of exceeding what’s offered, by all accounts.  They could very well be completely out on him at this time.  Pray for Dan Clark if that’s the case.

I still *think* (keyword, now that I gotta be extremely careful how I speak) that this gets done and he’s on the south side.  The Phillies have been weirdly quiet about this whole thing (kinda concerning) and seem to be more intent on landing Harper this year and probably Trout in 2020 or whenever he becomes a free agent

I’ve said it all winter – the stars are aligning.  The market couldn’t be shifting any better in the White Sox favor.  It ain’t over until the fat lady sings, but the Sox are in a good, great, fantastic position to land him at this time.

Let’s. Fucking. GO