R. Kelly Is Now Under Criminal Investigation In Georgia As A Direct Result Of The 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries

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Complex- R. Kelly is reportedly under criminal investigation. According to The Blast, insiders claim the Fulton County District Attorney’s office is looking into sexual abuse allegations levied against the disgraced singer. Authorities have reportedly reached out to multiple women who are involved in the scandal, including his alleged hostage Joycelyn Savage.  The Blast reports that the investigation was launched over the past several days, following the broadcast of Surviving R. Kelly—a six-part, three-night docuseries focused on the artist’s history of alleged sexual abuse. 

This is a good thing and very very long overdue. I watched all six parts of the ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docuseries over the weekend and this dude is a monster. Calling him a monster doesn’t even properly describe what R. Kelly is. He surpassed being a monster a couple decades ago and he was able to do that because most of us collectively were like, “Yeah those things may or may not be true but Ignition (Remix) is a jammmmmmmmmm.” That was wrong. We should’ve wised up and turned our backs on R. Kelly a long time ago. The fact that there’s actual footage of R. Kelly urinating on a minor and he’s still waking up and walking around as a free man is mind bottling.

Like, even if 1/1,000 of the stuff in the docuseries is true then R. Kelly deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life. So it’s good to see that a criminal investigation is underway and it’s a direct result of the docuseries. The craziest part of the docuseries, at least to me, was that R. Kelly is still allegedly doing this shit. He’s still very much running a sex cult and brainwashing young girls. I didn’t realize that. I obviously knew about all the Aaliyah stuff and the pee tape but I knew next to nothing about the sex cult stuff that’s still going on. It’s all just fucking wild.

I actually watched all six parts of the docuseries in a row and that was a mistake in hindsight. I walked away feeling like shit because the stuff they talk about is truly truly awful. The way R. Kelly allegedly treated underage females and is still treating young females is psychotic and dark and depressing. I would’ve walked away feeling terrible regardless but I probably should’ve broken it up a little bit. Everyone should watch it and learn what kind of person R. Kelly really is but maybe only watch a couple parts per night. It’s heavy.