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Hey Do You Think This Penn State Graduate Gets Laid?


Sick Impala, brah! Must be nice to roll up with that ride to the coed kickball game and establish dominance like the old fraternity did in intramurals and date rape. It’s win or go home in this life, bros.

Bet this guy is a thrill to have a conversation with. You could be talking about anything from bird watching to the Holocaust and he’ll divert the conversation to how great PSU is or the last (and only) time he laid pipe. Wouldn’t be shocked if he leads off with either topic in a job interview. Chances are the person doing the hiring also went to Penn State so he could have the personality and skills of a chimp with a lobotomy and still land the position. The cult takes care of their own. WE ARE!

Cue the unnecessary Sandusky comments in 3, 2, 1…

h/t @BATEnrinker