PokerStars Is Running The Biggest $25k Ever and This Lady Just Made The Sickest Fold

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PokerStars - Poker is always a game of numbers, but today at the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC), at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, those numbers were more significant than ever before.

The record-breaking attendance was confirmed late yesterday, but today was when we figured out the specifics. And they were majestic. When all the auditing was finally done, it was time to sit back gob-smacked and marvel at the sheer scale of this thing.

There were 1,039 entries, worth $25,000 apiece. That means a total prize pool of close to $26.5 million. The winner will take $4.1 million, plus another $1 million added by PokerStars. All six players at the final table will be millionaires.

Don’t forget that more than 300 Platinum Pass winners also got into this event as a freeroll, with their $8 million-worth of entries put up by PokerStars

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Going on right now is maybe the sickest tournament ever run. PokerStars is running a tournament with a $25,000 buyin, no rake, a great structure…and over 300 people from around the world are playing it for free. Throughout the year, Stars gave out over 300 “Platinum Passes” to pros and amateurs alike, which included the $25k buyin, flight to the Bahamas, hotel, and spending money. They also added $1 million to first place just for fun. Literally were like “hmmm how can we make this even more absurd? Let’s tack a MILLION dollars onto first place for the hell of it”. What ended up was one of the biggest poker tournaments ever, and easily the biggest $25k. Everyone who makes the 6 handed final table becomes a (pre-tax) millionaire. And if you get heads up you end up in a heads up match for a cool $2,126,000. No pressure or anything.

To get to the final table though, you gotta dodge a lotttt of land mines. And yesterday, a lady by the name of Thi Xua Nguyen made one of the sickest folds you can make. Here’s how it went:

Preflop: Nguyen raised on the button, professional poker player Athanasios Polychronopoulos (think he’s Greek?) 3bet, and Nguyen called.

The flop came down

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And both players checked to the turn, which was another queen

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.06.49 PM

The Greek checked, Nguyen bet, and the Greek called.

Then came the river:

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The Greek checked again, prompting Nguyen to bet…and that’s when things got fun. The Greek then moved all in right in her grill…and she FOLDED what????

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 2.09.42 PM

Gahhhh damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. And then just out of respect for the fold, the Greek flipped over the blade

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 1.49.08 PM

What a gross river, and grosser fold.

You can watch it play out here:


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