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Tom Izzo Says He Gets Down On Both Knees To Pray During Timeouts Before Asking The Players If He Can Tell Them What They Did Wrong 'Because Of The Times'

Now, Izzo is obviously joking here – to a degree. You can tell Izzo wishes he could get ‘away’ with more. He wishes he can be as intense as he once was. This is in reaction to Penn State suspending Pat Chambers for a game for shoving a player during a timeout:

I’m not going to do what many think I will do here. I won’t kill Izzo here. It’s a joke. It’s him also being honest. Like he says to open the statement here, he doesn’t want to answer these sort of questions because he knows it’s suicidal in the sense that there is no right answer that will make everyone happy. You say this, people will kill you. You go against it and the old school guys kill you.

I also understand why Penn State suspended Chambers for a game, but I don’t necessarily agree with it on the surface. Coaches know their players. They know what and how to push buttons. Now, if the player went to the athletic department and made a whole case about it then sure, it’s warranted. But if the player doesn’t care then don’t give into the outage.

The fucking times, man.