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Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi Gets Rocked With $260,000-A-Day Divorce Settlement

We want pre nup! We want pre nup!

CBS – Italian ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi has blamed “feminist, communist” judges for a euro200,000 ($260,000) a day divorce settlement following the breakup of his second marriage. Berlusconi told the private La7 network Tuesday that he was appealing the settlement with ex-wife Veronica Lario. Italian media initially reported the settlement amounted to euro100,000 a day. But Berlusconi said the figure, with arrears, was double that. He said: “These are three women judges, feminists and communists, OK? These are the Milan judges who have persecuted me since 1994.” Lario filed for divorce in 2009, citing Berlusconi’s fondness for younger women. The billionaire media mogul is currently on trial, accused of paying for sex with an underage Moroccan teen and using his office to cover it up. He and the girl deny the charges.

260 grand a day! Thats 95 million fucking dollars a year! Fuckin KO Barstool presiding over that bench or some shit. Granted I’m sure Silvio’s ex-wife could make the argument that she gets 1 dollar for every chick he fucked while they were married. I’d honestly set the over/under at roughly 95 million women. But nonetheless, a quarter of a million dollars a day is totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous. I don’t care if he has 10 billion dollars and fucked 10 million underage strippers, there should be some sort of “cruel and unusual punishment” clauses in divorce settlements and number one should be “The bitch can’t get a hundred million dollars paid out in daily installments.”

Fuckin broads. Nobody is ever gonna take you seriously if you’re sitting around with $260,000-a-day allowances. You’re Silvio Berlusconi’s wife, what’d you expect? Fidelity? Yea sure thing toots. You, Silvio, and Dominque Strauss-Kahn and his wife can all go out on double dates and you’ll live happily ever after. Grow up.