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THE INFAMOUS QUAD BLOG: Here's The Exclusive "Dumb And Dumber To" Trailer Only Seen Here

QUAD BLOG: Kind of like Redzone’s Quad Box, without making it move. Harry, I took care of it.

This movie has letdown written all over it. A solid one-two punch to the dick of your childhood. Jeff Daniels hasn’t done a comedy in ages, Jim Carrey obviously isn’t what he used to be and the Farrelly brothers went from dishing out classics like There’s Something About Mary and Kingpin to shit flicks akin to The Heartbreak Kid and The Three Stooges (Hall Pass was legit, though). Does it matter? Nope. Millions upon millions of 24-35 year old men will be first in line to rekindle the magic of nostalgia. As long as there’s some crude laughs and maybe a Cam Neely cameo as Seabass, it’ll be just fine. Big gulps, huh? Well, see ya later.

Also, father time has abused Mary over the past 20 years.

lauren holly

Holy MILF mania. Looks like somebody’s been instinctively flocking with the Salmon of Capistrano a little too much.