Is There A Worse Person Alive Than This Ex-Con Arrested For Threatening Tyler Trent's Mother On Facebook After Her Son Succumbed To Cancer?

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FLORIDA – A Florida man has been charged with making violent death threats on Facebook against the mother of a Purdue University superfan and cancer activist who died last week. A Volusia County Sheriff’s Office news release says 39-year-old John Matthew Pinkham was arrested at 3.15pm Monday at his home in Deltona, Florida, and charged with felony making written threats to kill or injure. Detectives say Pinkham made multiple posts using a fake account under the alias ‘Julie Homan’ on 20-year-old Tyler Trent’s Facebook page after news of the former Purdue student’s death last week. Authorities say the posts, riddled with grammatical errors, included threats of violence targeting Trent’s mother at a celebration of life event scheduled for tonight at the West Lafayette, Indiana, college. ‘Cant wait till I can choke the life out of you,’ one post read, while another stated, ‘funerals coming and I will appear like the reaper.’ Other vile messages threatened: ‘just wait until yall hear what I do at his funeral..i promise I will make headlines..i will kill his mother.. just watch I will be talked about forever..this is no idol threat.’ Pinkham wrote that the late Purdue superfan was ‘with the devil now’ and that cancer ‘ate up your bones like a thanksgiving turkey.’

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Well, Hitler, Stalin, and Bin Ladin are off the list because they’re dead. So, is John Matthew Pinkham the worst person alive right now? Survey says…YES. Bold move to create a troll account on Facebook solely to harass the mother of and supporters for a kid who just dramatically lost his battle to cancer, Cotton. Let’s see how that works out for him. I’m not familiar with the works of Satan, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Lucifer is indeed anxiously waiting around for one John Matthew Pinkham. If somebody deserves to be fisted with a pineapple by the Dark Lord until the end of time, we may have found a winner. Seriously, what’s wrong with you, humanity? Tyler Trent was one of the most respected, well liked, and inspirational people in recent memory. What honest purpose does this serve other than making a another case that Facebook should be ridden from the Earth? Enjoy prison, and then hell afterwards, Johnny.

RIP Tyler.