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This Woman Makes $80 An Hour To Cuddle With Random People

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NY Post

Meet Amy Grinnell: The Connecticut “cuddlist” who gets paid $80 an hour to snuggle.

“It’s very professional and it’s very meaningful, the work that we do,” she said, speaking to the Connecticut Post. “People are very much deprived of touch.” Grinnell admits that it “seems ridiculous to pay someone to give you a hug,” but the effects and benefits are quite real.

Research has shown that oxytocin, aka the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, will help relieve stress and anxiety — and even lead to increased feelings of spirituality. 

Cuddling sessions usually start out with a conversation between the cuddlist and clients, who — according to Grinnell — are typically males between the ages of 40 and 60.

I like a good cuddle here and there, who doesn’t? Going out with your significant other, having 30 seconds of sex, and then sneaking your way into being little spoon doesn’t sound too bad to me. Am I that lonely that I’m willing to shell out $80 an hour for someone to hold me like that? Heavens no. This has to be the weirdest encounter any human being will ever have. This woman, Amy Grinnell, comes over to your house, tries to have a casual conversation with you, and then you just start cuddling for an hour or however long you paid her for? Isn’t the endgame of cuddling to fall asleep? I don’t think I’ve lasted 10 minutes cuddling without passing out. Does she just have to stay there while you snore? In my little experience being big spoon there is nothing worse than when the girl falls asleep first. We’ve all been there. You think maybe, just maybe she’s going to have sex with you that night if you pull off the right moves. Just when you think there’s hope, she’s out for the night. It’s outrageously uncomfortable, and you’re stuck there with your right or left arm trapped under her.

The flip side of this is being this woman’s husband. I mean you just cannot be okay with your wife going out to random guys’ homes and cuddling with them for money. I’m sure she’s probably very professional, BUT the numbers show atleast one of these guys will end up being wildly attractive. Something is going to happen, that’s a fact. It’s just science people. I guess if he’s accepting of that scenario then it’s all fun and games, but I don’t think I could ever be on that level of trust with anyone.

Finally, I’m not sure if this lady realizes that weighted sleeping blankets are the big thing on the streets these days. This is like when Blue Ray DVD players were supposed to take over the world. You had to have one otherwise you were absolutely screwed with watching new movies in HD. Then streaming services and On-Demand came out soon after and Blue Ray DVD players became dinosaurs. Tough break for the Blue Ray people out there. Not sure how Amy is going to counter the rise of weighted blankets that give you the impression you are cuddling with another human while still being alone in your bed.