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Was I Sexually Harassed By Kayce's Eyeballs Last Night?

Lot of emotions going through my head right now after watching this GIF. Violated? A little. Chonk? Always. Bootylicious? Yeah, if we’re being honest, I do feel a little Bootylicious this morning. But here’s the thing, when you’re on a livestream for 5 hours and the game is a blowout, things happen. You daydream, you zone out, and the eyes wander. So I’m going to officially rule that I’m ok with this. Kayce gets a pass. If a beautiful sunset was happening right in front of your face would you look away? If the Mona Lisa was on your wall, would you close your eyes? Well this is no different. Kayce wanted to check out that Bedunkadunk, who am I to judge her for a little look see? Not me, that would be uncivilized.


Like a gradual bike tire leak, I’ve spent roughly 80% of my adult life slowly farting out of that dumper up there, thank God I kept my composure in this moment.