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For Immediate Release: I Did Not Have A Stroke On The Live Stream Last Night

Just wanted to hop in real quick and explain what happened in this gif here. This was captured during our FanDuel live stream for Alabama-Clemson last night. Dave had $60,000 on the line with his Clemson money line bet. As his good luck charm (and someone who had $40 on Clemson himself), I was understandably excited and celebrating for all good Clemson plays.

This happened after one of Tua’s interceptions in the first half. Here’s the full video

Now a lot of people have been responding to the gif of our celebration with some quite rude remarks.


Again, really quite rude remarks. I’d to explain what happened here.

At the start of the celebration, I accidentally elbowed Mush in the head as I was mid-celebration.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 11.11.00 AM

I realized it immediately and proceeded to celebrate carefully, so I wouldn’t hurt Mush again. Now let’s watch the gif back again, keeping in mind that my movements are being made to protect Mush’s dome.

That explains why I was keeping my elbow tight, and putting my hands at an unfortunate angle. If anything, I should be applauded for worrying about protecting Mush’s “brain” while mid-celebration. Additionally, I hit my funny bone on his head, which also led to the awkward movements.

And lastly, I’ve had some people get on me for the way I hug – both in that gif, and other videos. I didn’t want to wrap my arms around Dave like he was my dad coming home from war, so I went with the half-hug, half-clap. Very normal thing to do.

No stroke. No physical conditions. Find a new slant.