The NFL Draft Is Coming To Chicago Which Begs The Question, Do We Actually Care

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Roosevelt’s auditorium holds like 4,000 people so have fun not going!

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We may not be able to get the Olympics but we can get the NFL Draft! You go Rahm. You did it!


So here’s the question, does anyone care? I’ve been trying to decide if I care since this was announced last night and I don’t think I can muster up the appropriate level of interest for this to move the needle. It’s cool, sort of a neat thing that we got it and LA didn’t but it really doesn’t change anything. 99.999% of us will still watch the draft on TV. The only true difference is during commercial breaks they’ll do the wide shot of the skyline, the helicopter shot of the river and maybe a few shots of Soldier Field and Grant Park. That’s basically it. I mean I might go down and interview some of the wackos that come in from out of town, that could be good entertainment, but for the majority of you this changes nothing. It’s cool to get the recognition but at the end of the day I’d rather get an All Star game or something like that. I don’t need to hear about Jameis Winston dancing on tables at Underground and acting like a fool. That does nothing for me.



I will say this though, the coolest part about getting the draft is that this will be THE biggest Boo year at a draft in the history of professional sports. You think David Stern was boo’d after the NBA Lockout? HA! This is going to be intense booing. Awkward, loud, and intense. I feel like we as a city are up to that challenge.





What’s the deal with Jets picks? Do we just boo those for them now? I feel like that’s the right thing to do. Sort of a pass the torch moment. The draft may not be in the New York but we’ll do our part Jets fans and make sure the world knows your pick fucking sucks.