Sharktank Millionaire Daymond John Tells R. Kelly To Kill Himself But Only After Going To Prison For A Little Bit

Its officially a trend! The Kill Yourself Movement is here to stay. And no I’m not talking about suicide, Japanese people have been doing that in forests for thousands of years. They were on that Dr. Kevorkian tip a long time ago. But I’m talking about telling people “Kill Yourself” when they do something you dont like. Its just a replacement for “Go fuck yourself.” Just a lot more stern and a lot funnier. I set the tone back in the days of For Sure NOT and then it took a litttttttle while to catch on but Derrick Rose and Daymond John are out here letting KY’s fly.

Now in most instances we dont really mean we want you to kill yourself but in R. Kelly’s case, but Daymond John is dead ass literally serious right now. I’ve never seen someone so eloquent and articulate in a Kill Yourself message. “Robert…please dont kill yourself now. Reach out to the parents. Atone for your sins. Go to jail…..and THEN Kill Yourself.” Really laid out a nice little road map. Basically circled a date on a calendar for you. And I think Daymond John speaks for all of us when he says this. R. Kelly, couldja please just go ahead and spend a few nights in prison before you die? That would just be fantastic.

PS – I went back to For Sure NOT and I searched for the first time I said “kill yourself” on that blog. I scrolled all the way back to the first entry. January 11th, 2009. Almost exactly ten years ago today. Who was I telling to kill themselves?

Kanye West. For saying he wanted less fame and money. What an asshole.

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 6.43.12 AM

What can I say? Sometimes you’re just ahead of the curve.

PPS – Also in that blog I told Jordan Farmar to Kill Himself. That might have been a bit much. (Old school PPS blonfg feels great)

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 6.44.18 AM